VMware, a technology company based in Palo Alto, California, recently hosted its annual sales conference in New Orleans.

We chose New Orleans for your food, music and friendliness, of course, but also for your resilient and vibrant community.

While we were visiting, we wanted to contribute to the community and people of New Orleans by participating in the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity’s 2015 Build-A-Thon, an effort to build 10 houses for 10 families to mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

VMware kicked off the 2015 Build-A-Thon on Jan. 27 when members of our sales team raised the wall on a new home on America Street in New Orleans East. New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity selected America Street as its Build-A-Thon site for its resilience and possibility, the same reasons VMware selected New Orleans as the site for its sales conference.

A team of 400 VMware employees joined the residents of America Street and New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity team to contribute to the rebuilding efforts. We know that a day of service won’t rebuild a whole house or a community. However, we believe that big things have small beginnings.

This is about us coming together to make a contribution to the collective rebuilding efforts.

We were honored to serve alongside New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, which has, since 2005, built over 425 new homes, gutted over 2,400 flooded homes, attacked blight on 96 properties, partnered to cultivate 35 urban gardens and made urgently needed repairs for 85 property owners in need.

Betsy Sutter

corporate senior vice president and chief people officer, VMware

Silicon Valley, California