Rich Lowry in his column titled “Benghazi deniers” reveals a lack of understanding between facts and accusations. To frame what happened there in such absolute terms brings to mind Holocaust deniers, Rape of Nanking deniers and deniers of the existence of the Japanese army’s comfort women in World War II.

In the case of Benghazi, no one is denying that it exists — it’s a city — nor is anyone suggesting that the attack on our embassy in Benghazi causing the tragic death of three Americans, including our ambassador, Chris Stevens, didn’t happen. These are facts. What is in dispute is whether the attack was conducted (A) by “terrorists” or (B) by a mob incited by an American filmmaker’s film depicting him burning a copy of the Koran, a book held sacred by all Muslims, something that did happen in an attack on our embassy in Cairo and by rioting all over the Muslim world. Despite Republican insistence to the contrary, Obama said early on it was a terrorist attack. But what terrorist group specifically, we don’t know who (A) or (B) did it or why (A) or (B) they did it. We may never know.

At one point prior to the attack, Chris Stevens was offered assistance by the military, but he refused it. In a fast-moving situation during the attack help was too far away to fend it off. Republican critics of the administration, specifically of Hillary Clinton, evidently think we have swat teams at the ready on the ground at every American Embassy in the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. And what makes that criticism so hypocritical is that the Republicans themselves voted down funding for the defense of those same embassies.

With Darrel Issa at the helm, we’ve been through all of this before with his “fact-finding” committee. Well, they found no facts, and came up with nothing. Now, Issa is at it again. All of this is nothing more than a disgraceful sham. It’s shameful that they are using an American tragedy for the basest of political gains, dragging out the old battle cry of Benghazi to hurt Hillary Clinton. It won’t work this time any more than it did the last. People have seen that movie before.

Steve McMurray

retired art director

River Ridge