I was in utter awe reading the gibberish in the letter of educator Rhonda Browning in the March 21 edition of The Advocate.

I am not saying the letter from 47 Republican Senators to Iran was a good idea; I think it was a terrible idea.

However, that letter stated a fact: There can be no binding treaty with a foreign government without ratification by the Senate. Is Browning so fearful of facts that she believes stating them rises to the level of “treason”? What sort of “educator” is that?

After making sure to point out we have a Christian president, she goes on to spout some silliness about “the agenda” of “the religious right” and the Koch brothers, without specifying what it is she believes that agenda is.

She goes on to talk about a “quality” Congress (read that as: A Congress that believes just as she does) and then tells us that “states can elect moderate senators who promise not to betray America and cooperate with the president. A few could even be Republicans.”

It may come as a surprise to Browning, but in this country, citizens are not required to elect people SHE would personally like to see in office. Citizens are, in fact, perfectly free to elect officials she personally might not care for. We do not need Browning to tell us to vote the way she wants to ensure we have what SHE would define as a “quality” Congress.

Finally, she calls for these senators to be charged, convicted and imprisoned. Like many others, Browning would like to pretend that this was an unprecedented event. It was not.

For those wishing to find out more, I propose a Google search for: 1) Ted Kennedy’s secret 1983 letter to the Soviets asking them to intervene in 1984 U.S. elections; 2) The 1984 “Dear Comandante” letter from 10 Democrat lawmakers to Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega; 3) Nancy Pelosi’s 2007 visit with Bashar Assad; 4) Rep. David Bonior’s 2002 visit to Baghdad (paid for by Saddam Hussein) to visit with Hussein; 5) Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s visit in 2002 to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria, to tell those heads of state that Bush was going to go to war against Iraq (giving Hussein 14 months to prepare.)

Fran Woodiel


Baton Rouge