There I was scrambling for tickets to the movies in Baton Rouge recently — tickets for foreign language films and independent movies, stories that move at a quotidian pace absent the whiff of hyperbole or digital special effects.

The Louisiana International Film Festival was a Whitman’s Sampler, absolutely something for everyone and every age. I was only able to attend three features. All three were well-attended, and I hope a nudge to Perkins Rowe to make such features available on a regular, nonfestival basis.

Even on Mother’s Day, midday, a foreign language movie made in Poland, shot in black and white, a story about a novice’s realizations before taking her vows for the religious community of women, nearly filled the theater.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I can’t wait for the next “Star Trek” and “Star Wars,” but the opportunity to see something for which you’ve only read a review, hoping one day it lands on Netflix, was a joy for me and obviously many others.

Thanks to the LIFF for the tremendous effort and to Perkins Rowe for hosting.

Daniel Martin

court reporter

Baton Rouge