Anyone who watched the LSU softball game on Saturday was treated to some really exciting play and a real nail-biter as LSU beat an outstanding Kentucky team. LSU’s women came from behind in the bottom of the ninth inning to win. One would think this would have earned them a spot on the front page of the Sunday sports section.

Unfortunately, on the front page was a story about early admission LSU football players, a well-deserved article about Southern’s basketball team getting a chance to go to the NCAA tournament, and, of course, the story and pictures of LSU’s baseball team beating Mississippi State.

On Page 3, without a single picture, was the story about the softball team’s dramatic win. Their treatment in the local newspaper certainly does not do much to inspire young girls considering going into athletics. But I guess women’s sports will always be treated as second class, at least in Baton Rouge,

Jackie Tabony

retired teacher

Baton Rouge