We are watching the unraveling of the Western world, including our own nation, as we speak. The economies of the United States and the West are imploding because of massive debt and unbridled spending. There are now more people sitting in the wagon than they are pulling it. The wagon’s wheels are about to come off.

Our cites and streets have become war zones because the family structures and the morals they brought have been systematically destroyed by our own governments. The universities who prepare the next generation of leaders have become havens of liberal lunatics who declare that “there is no God,” as they indoctrinate the youth with sin and hopelessness, disguised as knowledge.

Isaiah 3:12 declares it: “The youth oppress my people, women rule over them and the leaders are turning the people from the true path.” These young people have been taught by their universities, the media and their governments that they can throw a temper tantrum and get whatever they want! They can fabricate lies and have a university president removed in mere days or destroy a police officer’s life!

It all began several decades ago when America left the biblical admonition to “discipline your children or they will bring you shame.” Spoiled brats are now running the nation.

We watched in horror as militant Muslims rained death and carnage throughout Paris — in the nation of tolerance. Many of these demonic militants came into France as “refugees”! Today, Western countries, including the U.S., are foolishly taking these same groups into our own cities. How blind can people be?

These militants are coming into nations with the intent of taking over and killing anyone who does not submit to their murderous ideology. That is what their religion teaches them to do. That is a historical fact no matter what liberal lunatics say.

These problems are not cultural, economic or geographical; they are spiritual. The Bible warns us that when a nation and a people turn away from the only true God, evil necessarily fills the void. Repentance is the only answer for our nation. I am glad that my hope doesn’t rely on political whims but on a man who is about to mount a white horse.

Mike Fuselier


St. Martinville