If students don’t remember anything from their childhood, they will always cherish the memories of a few teachers who taught the subject matter to the best of their ability and made their best effort making sure ALL students achieved. I’ve taught for almost four years now, and it has indeed been a struggle. Not due to teaching or being bombarded with paperwork, but rather being prevented from being able to empower a child who has lost all hope. Indeed, the teacher’s goal is to make sure students reach their full academic potential; however, teachers are also responsible for ensuring students are disciplined for the responsibilities and pressures of tomorrow. There are so many qualified, passionate teachers who want to give their all in the profession but are hindered due to this new era of lawsuits, big egos and unfair tenure laws. From personal observation, students cherish passionate teachers; courageous teachers who exemplify discipline and consistency; however, it seems the powers that be, those who cling to the business model of education, overpower the few remnants of hope who are positively molding and nurturing our precious children.

Billy G. Washington


Baton Rouge