We have been coerced by the Zoning Commission in favor of “smart growth,” the Library Board in favor of its trophy library for downtown development and now our mayor wants us to believe that, within days of the Metro Council killing his tax plan, a “traffic nightmare” is imminent and will result in multiple bridge closures, if we fail to embrace his bloated tax plan.

Is Mayor-President Kip Holden so egotistical that he honestly believes he can force the taxpayers of this city into submission through fearmongering?

Do we really want more politics as usual, or do we want what best serves and protects the people of our community? We are not pawns to be manipulated or ignored in a political chess game being played out by local government officials at our expense. This time it was the Metro Council that proved to be smart.

Before I am willing to release any more of my tax dollars to this administration, show me that it has used our existing funds responsibly. Maybe then we can talk.

Janice Calvert


Baton Rouge