Kudos to the Advocate and to cartoonist Glenn McCoy for the editorial cartoon of the baby in utero, "The Forgotten Dreamers."

Access to abortion in Louisiana in a 'very precarious' state, attorney for clinic tells federal judge

I believe that the immigrants/refugees, Dreamers, who came to the United States as children should be given the possibility of staying in this country, depending on their individual circumstances. They should have the opportunity to plead their cases, but unborn children do not have that opportunity. We, as a nation, should recognize that the unborn child has as much a right to life and liberty as do the Dreamers and each of us who is already born. Unborn babies are as human as any one of us who is reading this paper. The only difference is that our country allows unborn children's lives to be snuffed out simply because of where they reside — within the womb as opposed to outside the womb. Does this make sense?

Sharon Ryan Rodi

board member, Louisiana Right to Life