I have been observing with great interest the problems as they relate to retiree insurance. Retirees and others did not cause this problem.

Why is the governor’s answer to solve the problem being handled with such hastiness? When this problem was brought to the public, few lay people were aware of the problems.

According to the media, many of the people who are responsible for guarding against the problems we are facing were unaware of how this problem came to be. At that point, I knew that something was amiss.

I was teary-eyed when I saw a lady on television who said that this new process would wipe out her retirement.

Thanks to God and Mrs. Ledora Butler for the insurance I have today. Back in the day, insurance agents were often fast talkers, somewhat like Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Today, they seem to be faster talkers, and the only thing that I understand clearly is someone is taking my money to fix something I did not break, and I did not sign for anything that said I would pay for it. This is stealing with a capital S — after all, we still live in America.

I have the following suggestions to fix these insurance dilemmas:

To Gov. Jindal: accept the Medicaid expansion from the federal government

Use the governor’s salary to fix the problem

Use the legislators’ salaries to fix the problem

Do not rush to implement increases; instead, let the Legislature have an opportunity to suggest various methods other than increasing rates on the backs of retirees

If there has been a misappropriation of funds, the person(s) should be held legally responsible.

Retirees do not have extra money floating around; we are on fixed incomes. I encourage all retirees to call somebody, anybody and everybody and let them know that we are not satisfied with the status quo. We demand a change. When we worked, we done our best. Now let us rest and enjoy things we want to do like volunteer work, travel, etc.

Remember, God sits high, and He looks low. I am a concerned citizen writing on behalf of all concerned retirees.

Earnestine D. Gordon

retired educator