We all appreciate that the City of New Orleans is facing serious funding needs, but one proposed solution could have the opposite intended effect.

House Bill 1083, which is expected to be before the state legislature this week, proposes increasing the hotel tax in Orleans Parish. The new tax will price us out of the market, making New Orleans one of the two highest taxed cities to visit in America. We will begin hemorrhaging business, and the conventions, events, and visitors that keep our economy humming will go elsewhere.

A healthy hospitality industry means a strong New Orleans economy. The hospitality industry directly supports 78,000 jobs, funds city services that we all rely on, and generates dollars that circulate to everyone in the community. The industry has made great strides, adding 10,000 jobs in just three years and moving New Orleans to the top of national travel lists. But this bill threatens to put all of that in jeopardy.

HB 1083 is not a solution, it is a surefire way to make the deficit worse. New Orleans needs financial help with court decrees and public safety. Let’s all join in and help, but let’s not make the hole deeper.

Robert Bray

general manager, New Orleans Marriott

New Orleans

Tod Chambers

general manager, The Roosevelt, a Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

New Orleans

David Bilbe

general manager, Loews New Orleans Hotel

New Orleans