Les Miles is a likable guy, a highly-paid coach and a proven recruiter at the national level. But something is missing.

The feeling is palpable among LSU Tiger fans, reeling this week from the fifth consecutive beat down (humiliation?) by the dreaded Alabama Crimson Tide. Old questions resurface anew, such as why would anyone employ the same strategy for four years running when not once in five tries has it produced success? LSU fans don’t need Albert Einstein to remind them of the definition of insanity.

Sportscaster Verne Lundquist provided a useful insight last Saturday night. Drawing a contrast between the two opposing coaches, Lundquist said that Nick Saban’s coaching style is all about tactics, whereas Miles’ is all about passion. Well, passion is nice, and may explain Miles’ success in recruiting, but it is a poor substitute for tactics on the playing field. One gets the unsettling feeling that Saban could beat Miles’ team using Miles’ players. I don’t know whether it’s stubbornness or tunnel-vision that keeps Miles’ offense straight-jacketed. It is obvious to many fans that LSU needs a balanced approach that combines passion with tactics. If Miles himself is not up to it, he should hire a coach who can provide the missing element. But that would require eating a bit of humble pie. How about it, Coach?

Robert Hebert

LSU graduate

Baton Rouge