I am writing this letter on behalf of a good friend who feels I have an opportunity to have it published.

I, as many in our state, just witnessed a decision handed down by the controlling party where the opinion of the majority was accepted. I speak of the decision to keep our LSU football coach, Les Miles. It seems that over the course of the years that the politically correct thing to do is to lean toward the loudest critic.

Often, this is not the most beneficial thing to do for the people involved.

The “Hat” is the face of LSU football and has brought a tremendous amount of recognition and prestige to the state. There appear to be some individuals with reasons known only to them who want to see the coach gone.

What is the justification for the release of one of the best coaches the sport has produced? Is it money? We have watched with dismay, how this minority of individuals have controlled the athletic programs at LSU.

We are glad that Joe Alleva and others stepped up and gave the coach the opportunity to again lead LSU next season. With the recruits he has coming in, I and others believe we will in due time regain the championship quality of LSU football.

Alabama will fall to LSU in due time; be patient. Give the coach reasonable expectations, and if he doesn’t meet them, then ask him to step aside.

Good luck in finding a better coach. Kentucky would love to have his winning percentage.

Richard Stagnoli