If one were attempting to eliminate the United States government’s ability to protect its citizens from corporate exploitation and fraud, if one were intent on destroying the ability of Americans to have any influence on business’s activities and if one’s intent were to grab back from the middle class that which before 1932 belonged to the American robber barons, what better ways are there but to starve the economy of jobs and the government of the resources to force multinationals to display a loyalty to the home economy and not just to the owners of wealth?

It is past time to recognize that the 40-year experiment with “trickle down,” combined with “free market capitalism,” enabled the U.S. companies to offshore investment and taxable income, serving only the largest entities and the private equity capitalists (oligarchs) at a horrible cost to working families. Thus, it is past time for you to abandon the leaders and the economic and market policies that are impoverishing this country and its people.

George Orwell tells us that effective propaganda and dominance of the message can render people unable to contemplate an alternative way.

In America, big business is a Bigger Brother than the government’s brother. Also for the U.S., Big Business Brother tells us we cannot change our economic system because that would be a sacrilege and that if we anger business, it will take its ball and go home. If you are willing to reconsider these premises you have labored under for 30 years, you will begin to see the motivations of those who refuse to raise taxes in a new light.

America’s richest corporations have already taken their ball overseas, and they have spent the past 45 years relentlessly working toward the elimination of government interference with business and wealth interference of the type created in the New Deal. In the past 30 years, our federal and state representatives have achieved this goal using the following means:

  • Effectively brainwashing citizens)“One Nation Under God,” by Kevin Kruse, of Princeton);
  • Repealing or weakening New Deal laws;
  • Offshoring plants and jobs, thereby breaking unions and starving governments (both federal and states) of revenue needed to protect their citizens;
  • And lowering tax rates while fighting wars and expanding social programs without raising taxes.

Capitalism did not create the middle class. Victory in World War II, combined with the New Deal, especially the Fair Labor Standards Act, created the American dream. Please consider the need to impose the national will on the largest businesses so that America’s people can share in the future.

James Bollinger