Can anyone recall when singing the national anthem at an LSU baseball game become a prequel to auditioning for "The Voice" or the soon-to-return "American Idol"? Is it a spin-off from "So You Think You Can Dance" to "So You Think You can Sing"? The national anthem is not a country and western song or R&B tune.

Who at the university is auditioning these people, allowing them to add their own vocal stylings to our time-honored anthem glorifying our country in battle?

Who is allowing the performance of our national anthem to be reduced to become a stage for misguided renditions, mournful wailings or the addition of rambling notes along with their cracking voices?

I look around the stands to see people shaking their heads in disbelief, disgust or laughing at the off-key screeching from these "performers."

Please, require future singers to perform this national treasure as an anthem, in the prescribed pitch and timing. As we honor members of our armed services, let us show the same respect for our national anthem.

God Bless America.

Kay Heinrich

retired registered nurse

Baton Rouge