I agree 100 percent with Walter Bringaze’s summation of Les Miles that he so skillfully set out in his Readers’ Views letter published in the Jan. 5 Advocate. I am a transplanted Texan and a lifelong Tiger fan who dates back to the “Go Team” and “Chinese Bandits” days.

While in Texas, I had the pleasure of watching Les’ teams when he coached at Okie State, and I am sad to say that he hasn’t lost any of the famous offensive play-calling characteristics he so frequently displayed there. I can assure you that Bob Stoops, Mac Brown specifically, and nine other Big 12 coaches were very saddened when Les brought his skills to LSU.

We should now expect the Tigers to be just a really good “average”football team that will likely always be one of the good three or four teams in the West and will occasionally sneak up on and beat an Alabama or the like, but will never win the West. This is exactly what was expected and was received while he was at Okie State.

Les is one of the nicest guys in coaching and a positive representative for his school. He is the kind of man you would love to have coaching your son and molding his character, but he just isn’t or shouldn’t be actively involved in any respect in the play calling on either side of the ball. Maybe our athletic director could have a little chat with Les about his role as the “CEO” of the Tigers.

Robert Renfro

retired banking

Baton Rouge