Over my years of working, I learned when you have a problem, you look for the root cause and the issues causing the problems. In reference to our interstates, we all know that the big problem with traffic is the backup caused by wrecks.

Sure, the state can call in an outside source to suggest things like widen the lanes to four or five lanes, but let’s really address the issues here. Since wrecks are the root cause of our buildup of traffic on our interstates most of the time, let’s discuss the issues.

I travel the interstate some of the time, and the posted speed is 60 mph, and the sign says strictly enforced. Myself being a driver in this section as well as other sections of the freeway, I can tell you that I would say 95 percent of the drivers speed, even our law enforcement. I travel the right lane at the posted speed, and people fly by me. They tailgate me and sometimes look at me as though I am the one breaking the law.

Here are the issues. First, we have the speeding that needs to be controlled to reduce the serious wrecks. Secondly, we need to clamp down on those drivers who change lanes without blinkers.

Now, how do we do this? The only way is with cameras, and I know some drivers don’t really care if they get a ticket, so what do we do about this? Well, each time they get a ticket, it doubles in cost, and at some point, they should have to go to court. Sure, I know people say cameras are an invasion of privacy, but my feeling is this is what it takes to save lives. I am for it 100 percent.

One must realize that cameras are the only way and they are used in commercial places to catch thieves. Do you realize for a driver to do all that he wants to do, he needs three or four hands? A driver needs a hand for the steering wheel, a hand for the turn indicator and a hand for the cellphone. No matter how much research is done, this is the only way.

Just think, if we make four or five lanes, it will be a larger race track and more wrecks. I see people go from the far outside lane and cross two lanes to get to an exit in the peak of time.

Let’s save lives, stop wasting taxpayers’ money and clamp down on drivers who break the law and show that we are serious in preventing traffic jams and loss of life.

John Lynch

retired maintenance planner

Denham Springs