Everyone who loves LSU football is disappointed at the way this season has started out. There were high expectations at the beginning of the season, and those hopes have now been dashed. The fact is, the coaches are now faced with the task of rebuilding this program.

I want to ask those calling for the dismissal of the head coach and the staff, what are you trying to accomplish? The fact is this staff has not had the opportunity to bring in their players, to develop their system with the players they have recruited, nor present a finished product of upperclassmen that is truly the stamp of a college football program. Do you really think that any premier established head coach at another program would be willing to come here knowing that he could be fired before he even gets an opportunity to fully implement his system?

We need to get behind our coaches and players and offer them our full support. If we can take this cloud of doubt off the backs of our coaches, it will help them in recruiting and take away the distraction of their having to defend their every decision. Let's give Coach Ed Orgeron and all our coaches a legitimate shot.

Greg Thompson

production manager