The Advocate’s sportswriters’ obsession with Tiger Woods is simply over the top and embarrassing. Tiger is one of the worst golfers in the game presently, but the Advocate still gloats over him while ignoring the other golfers entirely.

My point is proved by the fact that after the first day of the tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Advocate coverage had a one-quarter page size picture of Tiger but not one of any other golfer in the event. The write-up for the event included four to five times as much about Tiger than the rest of the field, while he was nine strokes off the lead.

The coverage for the tournament’s second wasn’t any better. The only picture for the event was one of Tiger. Again, the article about the event focused on Tiger, with scant words about the other golfers. Tiger wound up the second day 11 strokes back of the leader and missed the cut for the final two days of golf.

Please, enough about Tiger Woods.

Winston Caillouet

retired compliance coordinator

Baton Rouge