Front page of The Advocate on May 16 held a big headline, “Vitter says he’ll hand flood control to Corps if elected.” The story covers another of the senator’s orchestrated one-man shows that are popping up all over the state, this one having to do with flood control.

David Vitter wants to make the Corps financially responsible for maintaining three of the most important pieces of the system. Who wouldn’t be for that? He even “grilled” the commander of the Corps’ New Orleans District, taking charge in front of the meeting’s attendees. And really, most of us in the New Orleans area have little love for the Corps of Engineers, so this is something we can all get behind, right?

Here’s my issue with the senator, who wants to be my governor. He’s carrying on as if this is something new and is an issue he’s going to champion. Based on The Advocate story, the truth is that President Barack Obama signed the Water Resources Reform and Development Act into law last year. It’s already settled. Vitter was a sponsor, so he should know about it. According to the law, the Corps is supposed to run the three projects, and it is willing to do so. Unfortunately, Congress didn’t appropriate funding for the operation.

So maybe, instead of beating up on the Corps commander, and being prissy, and threatening to “drop off the keys to these three structures to the Corps office,” just maybe the senator should show what he can do by getting the Republican Congress to fund the projects. We don’t need more talk in Louisiana. We need an honorable man who can get things done.

Linda Kocher


New Orleans