It’s good to read in The Advocate that alternative teacher certification is growing in Louisiana, particularly since the research consensus around traditional teacher certification and training programs demonstrates that these have absolutely no impact on a teacher’s excellence in the classroom. So making the teaching profession easier to reach for energetic people who want to try can only boost Louisiana students further and give parents and administrators more options.

It’s also a good method to help shift the teaching profession from being a static, machine-age job that you enter young and put in 40 years in the same factory before retiring to something befitting today’s rapidly changing workplace and young people who on average switch jobs five times in their first 10 years in the workforce.

The increased flexibility and freedom for teachers and schools will lead to a better education for Louisiana children by letting teachers leave with fewer penalties when they are burned out and introducing excellent teachers to the profession by making it easier to try.

Joy Pullmann

education research fellow, Heartland Institute