These are bad days for America.

The mainstream media have made sure Americans know all the details of the Wall Street protesters. And make no mistake, it’s organized and financed by those individuals and organizations that want the same thing the protesters are protesting against: greed and power.

In the end, if their changes are implemented, it will just be a different group controlling the masses. Equality, social justice and protesters getting what they want will not be the result of all these demonstrations. We will still end up with control of the masses by those who only seek to gain power for the purpose of enriching themselves.

Here is why wealth redistribution doesn’t work. If you spread all the wealth in the world evenly, eventually those who understand how capitalism works will start gaining more money.

Those individuals who cannot manage money will lose their share. And soon another Bernie Madoff surfaces and swindles millions from unsuspecting victims.

This is how it has always been because of the way human DNA is programmed.

The protesters want a handout, not a hand up. They want to get without working for the reward.

Many have spent excessive monies going to college without regard to how much debt they are accumulating. They have no clue there are few first-time jobs that can earn sufficient funds to pay down a $50,000-to-$100,000 debt, buy that big car and house, and take luxurious vacations. We’ve done a very poor job of explaining reality to this generation of students.

History has shown another lesson about humans. If given something without any effort exerted, they do not value what is given to them.

Why is it that some public school students don’t fare as well as private school students? One reason is because public schools are free, while private schools require payment for a student’s education. In the latter case, parents make sure they get what they are paying for, and they hold their children accountable for producing positive results.

I don’t know where all this is going, but one thing is certain, human DNA will not change. A very large percentage of the demonstrators don’t have a clue how the real world works. They don’t want to work their way up the ladder of success. They want it all right now!

Sadly, they are being led and used by individuals and organizations just like the ones they are protesting against. (I wonder how they feel about athletes and Hollywood actors who make millions like those working on Wall Street?)

The entire affair is a sad commentary on how low we humans can sink!

Billy Arcement

leadership consultant