The recent election was the first time I was voting at a new polling place. My polling place is now located in Lafreniere Park. While I did receive a voter card in the mail, it contained the name of a building in the park that I was not familiar with and the address of the park itself, which I assumed was the address of the building. Nowhere on the card were there directions to the building.

When I arrived at the park at 6 a.m., there were no signs at any park entrance to direct voters to the building. I drove the park, gave up and went to work. After work, I drove the park again and could not find the building or a single sign giving directions. I tried to call the park office, but it had closed. I tried to call the registrar; no answer. I went home and finally found the building marked on a map on the park’s website, because Google only gives directions to the park, not to its buildings.

I drove back one more time, now driving in the dark. I found the building, identified by two small polling place signs on a light pole at the entrance to the parking lot. Inside were voters from three precincts, frustrated voters who had had this same experience.

I was determined to vote, but I wonder how many voters simply gave up?

Christine Sanderson