Edward Pratt’s column “Man struggles to find his voice” is one that will likely motivate people to seek out speech therapy. The uplifting story of Ron Pennington demonstrates that a person can start speech therapy at any age.

In terms of children, it is important that a child see a speech therapist immediately when the stuttering begins. I would like to inform your readers that there is free speech therapy available for any child in the U.S. who has any of a speech problem. This great program of free speech therapy began with federal legislation in the 1970s. It is a shame that it is not well known.

The best source of information on this free therapy is a brochure called “Special Education Law and Children Who Stutter” on the website of the nonprofit Stuttering Foundation, which also provides many free resources for people who stutter. Free speech therapy can change the lives of many children struggling with various speech problems.

Edward Herrington


Longmeadow, Mass.