A young boy losing sleep over the fear that Islamic State is coming to take his sister from their home in a place like Baton Rouge is delusional. The excess of useless abstract thinking is harming us more than the terrorists are.

Think of the children. Stop finding reasons, such as religion, to hate. Come together as adults to find solutions to the issues that plague us. These are desperate times. Love is essential.

When it comes to religion, “god” is intangible and each of the faithful has a unique vision. The person sitting next to you at your church, temple, synagogue or mosque prays to a god similar to yours, but not quite the same. Like a group of children given crayons and asked to draw a flower, in the end, no two flowers will be exactly alike. In the words of German playwright Frank Wedekind: “God made man in his own image, and man returned the favour.” There should be no argument among the faithful as there are as many “right answers” as there are faithful in the room.

We must keep our feet well-planted in reality and our minds void of unrealistic fears. Like airplane accidents, the risk is ever-present, but the chances are not realistic enough to keep one from flying.

While confronted with stories of terrorism, massacres, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, volcanoes, mudslides, drought or domestic gun violence in general, it is imperative adults serve as positive examples and teach our little ones to handle these issues with smarts and a presence of mind firmly rooted in reality, all while being careful of not becoming part of the problem.

May we stay real, open-minded and positive. May our mouths speak kindness. May our hearts be filled with love.

Angie Lamoli Silvestry


New Orleans