The election is over, and after a year of campaigning and a billion-plus dollars, the voters have spoken: Let’s just keep things the same.

It seems to me that if we really don’t understand how precarious our economy has become by living beyond our means for years and the culpability of our politicians, then why have elections based on actual substance? Wouldn’t it just be more fun to choose our politicians another way, such as a reality TV show? That would be something people can understand.

There would be local and regional tryouts judged on how attractive the person is and how many free things he can promise to give away in 30 seconds. Extra points could be awarded for how many clichés, such as “the American people,” “our children and grandchildren,” “change,” “millionaires and billionaires,” “move forward” and the ever-popular “create jobs,” the candidate can put in a sentence and sound like he knows what he is talking about.

People could tweet or text their votes, or there could be celebrity judges. What fun!

And just think how much more time we would have for TV and shopping without the burden of thinking about what sort of country we are leaving our “children and grandchildren.”

David Epstein

retired real estate developer

New Orleans