Every time when there is gun violence, the NRA is under attack, and the Second Amendment is to blame by the anti-gun advocates on the left who always regard the Second Amendment as the problem and gun control as the solution. Remember, the gun issues always inflame anger and emotion to the right and left as we have seen President Barack Obama wipe his tears while addressing the country about his new gun control measures after just returning from vacation.

In terms of present-day politics, gun rights and gun control are divisive and conflicting because they touch so many American’s lives in different ways.

To understand the importance of gun rights, we have to go back to the ratification days. During the ratification process, some important people such as George Mason, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, John Hancock and four more had second thoughts about signing the Constitution without the Bill of Rights for the people to check and balance the powerful central government.

It was no accident they put the gun right second in the Bill of Rights. They foresaw the problem in which the First Amendment would be just empty words without the backing of the Second Amendment. For example, if a powerful president wants to change America to his liking by executive action, to make himself a life president and to deny people of all the freedoms written in the First Amendment, and our Congress couldn’t stop him from doing that, the American people would rise up with their guns to remove him from the office. That is the reason why a dictator can rule his people by harsh measures — because they couldn’t rise up against him with just bare hands.

Like it or not, guns are a necessary evil for maintaining a free and democratic society in which we live. However, when the gun falls in the hands of some problem people, it becomes a weapon to kill. That is the difficult challenge we have to face in an imperfect world in which we live. Of course, some people today tend to think that gun rights are for hunting, recreation and self-defense. Perhaps, but that was the last thing in the framers’ minds when they drafted the Bill of Rights.

As we all know, our framers gave us a republic, a constitutional democratic government to last. If ever a gun control measure leads to disarming American people, our republic will no longer be of the people, by the people and for the people. You can imagine the rest.

Chris Hsu

retired state employee

Baton Rouge