After reading the Sunday Advocate (Dec. 9) B section, it was confirmed with all the comments and articles regarding the ineptness and shallowness of our nonesteemed governor, that he is ineffective and on his personal ego trip. His first attempt on the national scene — the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s first speech to Congress in 2009 — was a disaster.

First, the Wall Street Journal called our school system “one of the developed world’s worst.” It was pointed out by state Rep. John Bel Edwards that the decision by Judge Tim Kelley was backed by the Louisiana Constitution and it was Jindal’s fault for the ruling. This was reiterated in the “Our Views’ editorial in a clearer explanation of his failure to comprehend the language in the Constitution.

Secondly, in Mark Ballard’s column, which lists Jindal as a possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate, he was nationally blasted for his lack of depth on the “fiscal cliff.” Economist Paul Krugman further lamented “how a major political figure could be this uninformed and why write on a subject you don’t comprehend at all?” Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine further comments “that Jindal lacks any understanding of what the fiscal cliff is.”

Jindal’s tweet reply of “enjoying being called ‘dumb’ and ‘ignorant’ ” does not boost his candidacy to the position which he aspires. The Wall Street Journal also listed Louisiana as spending “the tenth smallest proportion of its budget on social welfare” and is No. 41 on its “Best and Worst Run States in America.”

When is the governor going to “get it”? He is not doing a “good” job for Louisiana, and it will take us 20 years to undo all of his bungling. His national political future at the present time is in the cellar. I wholeheartedly agree with Rep. Edwards in reminding the governor, “it’s time to govern Louisiana.”

Lyndia Williams

retired educator

Baton Rouge