The bomb attacks in Boston on “Patriots’ Day” 2013 should be a wake-up call to each and every one of us letting us know that we are no longer safe anywhere. If ruthless, cold-blooded, killing cowards can attack one of America’s fundamental freedoms, such as a marathon, then where are we safe? This horrific event strikes each of us individually.

Runners are typically loners, partaking in a sport that challenges us as individuals and offers personal rewards. Each runner at Boston spent countless hours training, thinking, preparing and prepping for a race that is given the honor of being called “America’s Race” because it requires discipline of an individual to want it badly enough and work hard enough to qualify. BQs (Boston Qualifiers), as the runners are known in the running world, are revered and respected for their hard work and success at qualifying.

For some of us slower runners, we can only dream of running Boston but when the BQs hit the streets of Boston on Patriots’ Day every year, they carry a little of each and every runner on the roads of America (and beyond for that matter) from the East to West coasts. BQs don’t think of themselves as heroes but they are our heroes and because of this, the horrible event of this year’s race affects all of us. Each runner and each individual going about their individual daily activities are subject to such a cowardly attack and lets us know that we are not safe anywhere.

However, make no mistake. Americans will not let the cowards win. We will continue our daily lives and routines as if we are safe but remain mindful that there are groups of jealous cowards living among us attempting to make us fearful of everyday life. What they don’t realize is that their cowardly attempts to bring us down, makes us even stronger and more determined to prove to them they cannot win the war against American spirit.

We will watch out for each other, hug each other and care about each other a little more and we will not hide in fear of them. We will stand up together as individuals determined to bring them down.

I’m going for a run!!!

Neicie Deloney

retired, transportation