New Orleans recently lost one of his finest athletes. Don Bossier passed away of heart failure.

Anyone who was in New Orleans in the late ’50s would remember Don from De La Salle High School. He was the premier running back in New Orleans and was named first team all-state in 1957. Don set several records that year, including the all-time leader in touchdowns in the Catholic League.

Don’s career took him to LSU, where he played one year on the freshman team. In his sophomore year, he transferred to McNeese State with three years of eligibility left. He stayed there only one year, making All Gulf States Conference and small school All American.

Don quit school with two years left of his eligibility. When asked why he left school with so much potential ahead of him, he said, “I just got tired of it.” That was Don’s way. He never did anything for recognition, never cared about being in the limelight. He played ball because he enjoyed it.

Don’s last request to the doctor was to remove all of the tubes keeping him alive. He died like he played football, with class and dignity.

Jimmy Fornaris