I just read Rich Lowry’s response to the Connecticut school shooting (Dec. 19). He goes after the mental-illness aspect of this multifaceted problem, partially to try to deflect focus on the gun problem aspect.

Lowry’s concern for the mental-illness aspect is necessary, but he doesn’t carry forward his argument very far. Lowry is a tea-party, anti-government, no-taxes zealot.

What he fails to mention in his column is that holding those views doesn’t realistically match the reality of the mental illness that he mentions. Mental-health treatment for the general public takes money, takes taxes and takes government — local and state — with federal funding. It can only realistically be done by government.

The churches, charities and volunteer medical clinics cannot do the job to the degree of effort necessary to address the problem. You can’t defund the government effort and expect better results. That’s almost like a law of physics in reverse.

So, if Lowry is serious about addressing the real mental-health aspect of this tragedy and the next one to come, he needs to think through his current political ideologue/theology and realize the real-life consequences they carry.

Alex Chapman


Ville Platte