Although I applaud Walt Handelsman for exercising his freedom of speech, I disagree with the message advertised by his cartoon. For those who have not yet seen the artwork, it features our President Barack Obama vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard while attempting to dodge golf balls inscribed with the names of conflict zones like Iraq and Missouri. Handelsman is trying to prove to viewers that Obama is relaxing in this period of global unrest, instead of fulfilling his duties as president.

I believe to be able to think clearly in order to make important decisions, it is imperative that our president takes a brief leave from the office. Knowing that this is his second term as president justifies this break period even more, as well as taking into consideration the effort he has contributed to the improvement of our country, such as passing the Affordable Care Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to fight unemployment and the recession. How can Handelsman bitterly critique and undermine a man who has diligently worked for the betterment of our lives? For all that Obama has done for the United States, as citizens, we should support his rest and recovery before he is required to make substantial calls of judgment affecting our country and many others.

Alea Zone