As a young person who both lives and works in the city of Baton Rouge, it excites me when I see or hear about new projects or businesses coming to the city I love.

It lets me know that our Mayor-President Kip Holden and our Downtown Development District director Davis Rhorer are doing a excellent job.

But what disturbs me and other young people who live here is when the older generation or our council members complain, then fight change.

While the older generation or council members fight to save old buildings or gripe about improvements to fix a broken city, they are in fact losing their future Baton Rouge residents.

Young people need a reason to stay in Baton Rouge because if you lived here long enough you would know there are plenty of reasons to leave.

To those who gripe and complain about the money or improvements being made to our downtown and other areas in our city, ask yourself this question: Wouldn’t you want to live in a city you can enjoy living in and brag about to all your family or friends? Aren’t you tired of all the negativity surrounding our city?

At least we have something that most cities don’t have in Louisiana, a mayor with vision.

Charles Holmes


Baton Rouge