Re: Hospice cuts averted, Jan. 24.

So, the Jindal administration has miraculously found the money needed to continue providing hospice care for the poor. How fortunate — and just in the nick of time, too.

To believe that this money just happened to be found would imply the rankest incompetence on the part of the state’s accountants, who apparently can’t add, subtract or read.

How else to explain overlooking more than a million dollars?

Obviously, the money was there all along.

It was only because of the fierce blowback to his proposal that Gov. Bobby Jindal was motivated to “find” the resources to continue this service. This episode serves only to further expose Jindal as a cold, calculating Machiavelli who will step on anyone — even the terminally ill — to get where he wants to go.

Jindal may publicly decry the stupidity of his party, but privately he must be counting on the stupidity of his constituents.

Michael Russo


Baton Rouge