Shame on the media in the way they treated the recent children’s disaster in Connecticut. It has become a shameful disgrace in my opinion for the way our reporters and news media jumped on this disaster and hogged up the news, interviewing survivors and parents who readily agreed to talk to the media about what happened.

I say the law should make it illegal for the media to profit or benefit from circumstances such as this one. I cannot think of anything more shameful for reporters to go out in this case and make a name for themselves on writing stories and interviewing survivors of this disaster. I pray this will never again happen anywhere, but I feel that exploiting the situation by news people is disgraceful and will only encourage more of the same for nuts who want to get on TV or the news!

I pray our Congress or legislatures will pass laws against the media exploitation of situations such as this one. All of this is in my opinion.

Sam J. Pigno

former superintendent of schools, author, mayor