Thank you so much for your great editorial on subsidence and the coastal restoration plan! I have been reading the peer-reviewed scientific literature on climate change since 2006 and was happy to see how accurate your editorial was.

I also was happy to see the additional science-based letter to the editor on the subject of climate change.

That same science documenting rising sea levels due to climate change also highlights the increased risk to the very existence of the city of New Orleans. Studies of major cities around the world at risk due to rising sea levels always puts New Orleans in one of the top three positions. As one of the experts said, “There are a lot of silly ideas about how we will deal with rising sea levels. We will deal with it by migration.” Coastal restoration will not prevent migration, already seen after Katrina, but it will buy more time for a planned migration of New Orleans.

Hopefully, Sen. David Vitter and Rep. Cedric Richmond are willing to support the restoration plan in Congress. Given the influence of the fossil fuel industry on the Republican Party, continued editorials such as this one will help to push the senators in the right direction of congressional action on climate change.

Supporting the New Orleans levee board lawsuit against the fossil fuel industry for its role in subsidence and reminding Gov. John Bel Edwards of his campaign promise to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable would also be helpful.

Jeffery Cobb

volunteer climate change activist

Baton Rouge