In his recent letter published by The Advocate, M. Wesley Salmon claims that man-made climate change and environmental efforts are a religion practiced by “climate crusaders.” Mr. Salmon obviously doesn’t know the difference between religion and science. In fact, I think he has it backwards.

Unlike the ridiculous claims in his letter, climate change advocates have mountains of data and evidence collected over 100 years to back up their claims. Environmentalists have data to back up their claims, and pollution regulations are all based on solid science.

Millions of scientist in different disciplines all over the world, funded by thousands of corporations, universities and governments, agree that man-made climate change is real and a danger to our planet. They have come to this conclusion by studying and analyzing data collected all over the world by reputable scientists.

To the contrary, climate change and environmental regulation deniers have very little or no data to support their claims. They are the ones who rely on belief instead of the facts. Where is the evidence that computer climate models are “flimsy,” that volcanoes or the sun are causing the earth to heat up? Salmon religiously believes claims by Republicans, FAUX News and blogs he reads on the Internet but ignores all the data proving their claims are wrong. Salmon claims we need facts, but then he ignores them.

Salmon’s preposterous claim that since plants use carbon dioxide to live, that gas should not be considered a pollutant. Plants also use soil to live, and we have regulations against dumping ash and particulates into the air. Should we allow smokestacks to pump out all the ash and particulates they want to also? I think not!

Mr. Salmon may prefer to live in a hot, stinky, polluted trash heap, but I think most people would prefer a nice, clean environment, and that is what climate change and environmental activists are trying to provide us with using reputable data, not beliefs.

Raleigh Jenkins

retired chemist

Greenwell Springs