The letter Dr. Wallace Jeanfreau wrote on enhanced interrogation on terrorist, kidnappers or other killers is appalling.

How would the doctor like it if one of his family members were captured by a terrorist or kidnapper and the enhanced interrogation on a perpetrator that had info on the location of that family member was stopped because any enhanced interrogation wouldn’t be right thing to do? So while the captured suspect sits in jail or is free on the street and has three square meals a day, his family member is being sexually abused and starved.

I would like to see the doctor go up to a family member of a captured armed forces member or parents of a kidnapped child and tell them sorry, but this is all we can do to get any information to free your child. Your child would just have to be a victim to the perpetrators.

“If useful information were gained, this would be irrelevant.” Even if it means saving your life or one of your family member’s lives if the terrorist hits a soft target like a shopping mall where your family shops? Tell that to the parents of the people at the Boston Marathon.

I am sorry, doctor; you are on the wrong side. Any information gathered will be considered useful once it is confirmed. Any way you can get it is fine with me, even if it means just getting closer to capturing the associates.

Think, doctor! There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to get information from someone if it means saving a life or finding a family member. Beliefs like his are easy to write as long it doesn’t involve the writer of the letter.

Kenneth Clemons

safety supervisor