Huel Perkins’ letter to the editor seems to have set off a firestrorm.

His views on Gov. Bobby Jindal’s posturing about his accomplishments as governor were right on point. I wonder if Jindal honestly believes his own public relations; you know, that he is making Louisiana better?

My follow-up question is, better for whom?

Jindal seems to have spent a great deal of his time attending fundraisers.

The folks paying the big bucks to attend those fundraisers are not there lobbying the governor on behalf of the middle class or, God forbid, the poor people of this state. Oh, no. They are there seeing to it that nothing interferes with their agenda (making even more money).

It’s never too late to do what is right. I pray that Jindal spends a portion of his next four years really working to make Louisiana better for all its residents.

Would the governor’s hard-line views on “Obamacare” be any different had he taken a break from “fundraising” to attend some of the free health-care clinics that were held around the state?

How can the governor of a state which ranks among the worst in the nation for overall poor health be opposed to legislation that gives uninsured people the opportunity to get health care?

I’m sure the governor’s fundraising buddies have excellent health insurance! A governor with health statistics as dire as Louisiana’s should have been leading the “Obamacare” charge!

Jindal proclaims unabashedly that he is a Christian; this would be a very good time for him to ask, “What would Jesus do?”

Carol Griffin