Our governor, while running all over the country campaigning against the Democrats, seems to be taking some pages out of their playbook.

John Kerry made this statement about one of his votes: “I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it”

As I recall Jindal was for Common Core before he was against it. I suppose he realized he couldn’t run for president as a Republican if he supported Common Core.

Now he’s mimicking the guy he loves to attack. When Obama couldn’t get his way, he recently said: “I have a pen and a phone,” meaning he would go around Congress and rule by executive order.

Jindal must have thought that was a good idea, because he has ordered Louisiana out of Common Core tests after the Legislature just refused to do that.

Bobby, as you continue your run for president, will you tell the voters you’ll rule by executive orders if you don’t get your way?

William Bonin


New Iberia