Why was the story about the Trump Russian “dossier” buried on Page 4 of the recent paper? Candidate Trump was in fact smeared by his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and not the other way around. Is this dossier story not exceedingly more newsworthy than singer George Strait, whom you positioned on Page 1? Your editorial policy is why a maniac like Trump was elected president.

People don’t trust the press, The Advocate included. You will fit the news to fit your political bent. You and I both know that if even an inkling of truthful, verifiable evidence had been found that President Trump or his campaign had colluded with the Russians, the story would have taken at least half of your front page for a week.

For over a year, our government and the national media have spent untold millions upon millions of dollars on investigations, and poisoning the nation’s conscience while trying to frame Trump. It’s all a lie, and the American people know it’s a lie. We’ve known all along that it’s a political drama with the name “Clinton” written all over it. The Advocate newspaper and many other outlets are complicit in the lie.

If Trump is re-elected, you will have helped him to it by such lies. It rightly angers people so much. Shame on you.

Theodore F. Barkerding Jr.