If Bobby Jindal and his apologists want to settle this “Muslim no-go” controversy, they can do so immediately: Just give us the exact location of these supposed “zones.” What could be an easier, quicker way to win the debate and send those liberals packing?

I read the recent http://theadvocate.com/columnists/quinhillyer/11400938-123/quin-hillyer-in-defense-of">column by Jindal supporter Quin Hillyer and assumed he would be giving us those specific locations. They are all over France and England, according him, so they should be easy to find.

But instead, Mr. Hillyer stooped to repeating a number of bigoted clichés put forth by the racist right of Europe. His tirade contained not a single verifiable fact about these supposed “no go” zones, just a bunch of vague, paranoid quotes. I have no doubt there are right-wing groups in Europe who claim they have a list of supposed “no go” zones, but Hillyer is acting like Joe McCarthy when he flaunted his famous list of “205 Communists in the State Department” — which he never did let anyone actually see!

This issue could not be more baby simple for Jindal: Just tell us SPECIFICALLY where these “zones” are. That is what the European reporters (who were clearly amazed that someone of prominence in the United States would buy this bigoted fantasy) asked him: Give us the details so we can go there.

If Hillyer and Jindal don’t like being seen as religious bigots, then replace their vague, hateful rhetoric with actual facts. Here is their big chance to go specific and prove their point that the world needs to exercise more bigotry against Muslims.

Doug Miller

writer, filmmaker and photographer

New Orleans