This is a plea to the Honorable Gov. Jindal and the Honorable Mayor Landrieu. We need the Louisiana State Police back in the New Orleans French Quarter now!

The frequency and brutality of attacks and armed robberies in the past few weeks is staggering. People are not even being allowed to comply with robbery demands. They are being attacked from behind by gangs of armed people. They are knocked in the head, and their pockets are picked while laying unconscious in the street.

A friend of mine was walking with two others on Dauphine Street about 9 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 17. They were attacked by eight men. He was stabbed repeatedly in the chest. These attacks are happening in populated areas; all areas of the Quarter and Marigny; and even in at least one hotel lobby. These animals have become so emboldened that they are not just targeting individuals, but even groups of people. These attacks are occurring during the daytime and early evening. They are very brutal and happening what seems like every day. Surveillance videos of many of these attacks have been released online and are horrifying.

I just spent five days in the Quarter over Christmas, and I was frightened every time I set foot on the street. I have always been aware that there was a criminal element and always remain aware of my surroundings, but things have truly escalated.

I don’t remember the Quarter being this unsafe even when the housing projects were still standing. I am originally from New Orleans and still consider it my city. Our tourists and residents are living in fear. Christmas in New Orleans should not be feared!

Please put the State Police back in these areas now. Please bring them back before Mardi Gras. Don’t bring them in just for tourist-heavy times; please keep them there until these despicable criminals are off the street.

The people of New Orleans and visitors from all over the world deserve to feel safe in this beautiful city. Please help!

Please watch these police crime videos online and tell me you can’t do anything.

Paul Graffeo

printing business project coordinator

Baton Rouge