While watching election returns and listening to all the talking heads and pundits, one can come to the sad conclusion that this great nation of ours is no longer “one nation under God, indivisible.”

To be successful, a candidate must construct messages aimed at groups instead of Americans.

He must pander to unions, black people, Hispanics, homosexual/lesbians, soccer moms, single women seeking free birth control, white blue-collar workers, seniors on fixed incomes and on and on. Never what I can do for America. Broken promises of hope and change, whatever that means, matter little as long as I look to receive something from the government.

Methinks the 47-percent comment was true.

It does little good to offer ways out of the debt and bleak future that hovers over our country for our children and grandchildren when this nation remains divided as it is.

Two billion dollars spent and what do we have ... a two-seat swing in the Senate. What will this president do now that he has no reason to campaign and must govern (something he has never attempted to do).

In my 69 years, I have voted in every presidential election since I came to voting age.

If I continue to live, I wonder if I will be able to vote in another.

George Traylor

retired electrician

Denham Springs