President Barack Obama should, as commander in chief, call out the U.S. Army. He should assign a general officer to each member of the U.S. Senate with an appropriate number of officers to ensure each senator is escorted to the Senate to hold a hearing on the judge sent over to the Senate for confirmation to the Supreme Court as is their clear constitutional duty.

All hands should be instructed by the president to proceed at reasonable speed to do their duty.

Of course, all hands should be very carefully and cautiously taken care of and subject to full respect and consideration and fully left to their own way of proceeding with appropriate breaks and full control of their activity.

At any given time, each senator should have the absolute authority to dismiss his escorts if he or she then and there take up their duties as required by the Constitution provided that they then and there proceed at all reasonable speed in finishing their constitutional mission. No general officer escort shall seek in any way to influence the senator’s selection process — only that they proceed and fulfill their constitutional duty to select or reject the candidate.

Peter Beer

U.S. district judge

New Orleans