RE: “Jindal addresses group that praised his school plans” (The Advocate, Dec. 12).

Let’s not be confused about this headline, Jindal was praised for giving parents a choice in educating their children in one of the worst school systems in America. One which he has done very little to systemically change.

It’s kind of a ridiculous recognition. Instead of providing a long-range, adequately funded school improvement paradigm for all students, Louisiana continues to limp along with in-state developed testing programs that deceive the public into believing substantial educational gains are occurring among its K-12 population.

However, if one examines the historical trends of Louisiana students’ academic performance on national assessments, these substantial gains immediately evaporate and one clearly sees that little has changed during Jindal’s educational leadership.

Vouchers are simply an avoidance mechanism for true educational reform for the masses and do little to elevate the educational achievement of the entire state.

Jindal needs to learn that he was elected to improve the entire state of Louisiana and to stop pitting one socioeconomic class against the other; the very thing he accuses our president of doing.

Jim Anderson

retired N.O. public schools official