I’d like to thank Gov. Bobby Jindal for vetoing the TOPS bill this legislative session. He remarked that he had made a promise to students and families of this state, and he was going to keep it. Thank you very much.

Regarding The Advocate’s position on TOPS, I find it disappointing and an embarrassment that a paper published in this state doesn’t believe that an educated and talented society would be in the best interest of all that live here.

Shifting to LSU President and Chancellor F. King Alexander, who believes we should continue to dismantle TOPS, I am again disappointed and embarrassed. I suppose he feels a program that assists students to attend his institutions is not worthwhile from which he feels an education in any form is not worth the expense. From his remarks, I don’t believe he should be in his position.

Let’s not forget the scholarships that the LSU Board of Supervisors gives away every year. Each board member gives away 15 scholarships annually. That’s down from 20. These scholarships have no criteria and ask no questions. TOPS has minimal acceptable criteria. And let’s not forget Tulane. Each Louisiana legislator gets to give away one scholarship a year, the governor gives two and the New Orleans mayor gives away four.

My head is spinning from the obvious back-room shenanigans; deals that reek of unfair rules, or rather no rules at all. But influential people and our newspaper would prefer to rip apart TOPS.

TOPS is based on merit, and if you don’t earn it, you lose it. TOPS is paid for by our tax dollars. Why shouldn’t the state help the common family? Why do they prefer to help only those they know?

Bobby Jindal, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your veto and the promise you kept.

Bill Salmon

respiratory therapist

Denham Springs