Regarding the recent letter about the White House Churchill bust by Michael Sellen, I respect the right of people to express views different than mine and to attack our president on legitimate grounds.

I do not believe it is appropriate to publish letters that cite obvious lies, like this one, in such attacks. Among the sources refuting Sellen’s ridiculous assertion is this one:

I believe you have done a disservice to your readers by publishing this letter and hope you will see your way clear to print the actual facts about the bust, confusing though they may be.

I don’t know where Sellen dug up this little gem, but he may have gotten it from Ted Cruz’s recent speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit:

The Telegraph of London and other publications have attempted to make a big deal out of this.

President Barack Obama (like every other newly elected president) removed artwork belonging to George W. Bush from the Oval Office, including a bust of Winston Churchill.

Some reports in which I place faith state this bust was loaned, not given, to Bush after 9/11.

In addition to Cruz, the bust has been used as a political football by Mitt Romney, John Boehner and others, and The Telegraph has apparently never backed off its original position that the Obama administration returned the bust as a slap in the face to Great Britain.

In other words, they have intentionally continued to cloud the issue rather than admit they were wrong.

Given his other recent public statements, I am a bit surprised Gov. Bobby Jindal hasn’t jumped on this bandwagon.

Stephen Winham

former state budget director

Baton Rouge