As a conservative Republican, I was disappointed that Mitt Romney did not win the presidential election. However, I was raised to be a good loser and give the other guy a chance to prove his worth. I did — and now I know that we have elected an “empty suit.”

You have to hand it to the Democrats: They found a handsome, articulate and bright young man who is African-American. It didn’t matter whether he was qualified for the job — if anyone dared to criticize him, “we’ll just call them racist.” The one word that Americans fear the most.

While his circle of advisers run the country and President Barack Obama claims to become aware of policy and problems through the news, we have lost the respect of other nations,the morale of our citizens and our military.

The economy is a mess; the administration is ignoring and rewriting the Constitution. What about Benghazi, Veterans Affairs, NSA, IRS, failure of support for Israel and the beheading of an American in the Middle East? I can only make this analogy: Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned and Obama plays golf while ignoring the problems of our country and our allies abroad.

Joan Ingram

charity fundraiser