I did not think that I would ever say that I am in complete agreement with our governor. It is time we quit following the leadership of Washington, D.C., and come back to Louisiana and make decisions based on what the citizens of this state think are appropriate for our well-being.

Why are we depending on one individual and his minions, in Washington, to determine how we should finance our state programs and expenses? Of course, the one thing I differ with our governor on is that I’m not talking about President Barack Obama — I don’t think Grover Norquist should be leading our state from his office in Washington.

The governor signed this pledge to Norquist that he says he can’t violate. The governor pledged an oath far more important than the political stunt of Norquist — he promised to uphold the constitution of Louisiana and to protect the citizens of our great state. Does that mean anything to him?

He has failed to comply with his oath of office. He has given our state away at the cost of the average citizen. He is absolutely correct when he says we need to bring the governing of Louisiana back to Baton Rouge. It has been missing for a number of years.

Richard Stagnoli

safety auditor